all the zombies in town.

Day 48 | Dry as a Dead Dingos Donger | Down 17 Pounds, 49 to Go

The Dolphin [I recognize the bartender, even from the rear view]
All Points Bulletin: I’m stepping inside a bar tonight.

We’re meeting in the lounge, Husband and me and a friend.

This is a neighborhood place, great seafood, I’ve enjoyed my share of cocktails here. The Italian place across the street? Me and Husband’s bar tabs bought the owner a 2-week Caribbean vacation for two last year.

One of the waitresses [Karen] makes my Ketel martini just right.

Can’t walk into the joint because if Karen is working, she may just show up at our table with the blissful-arctic-chilled-glass-of-doctor-feel-good.

How could I let it go to waste?

It was my idea. Stepping inside of a bar had to happen eventually. I plan on sitting facing the bar so I can watch the players. Those sipping in Doctor Feel Good. The ones that need it; drinking non-foo-foo martinis and lethal cocktails. I’m going to observe them, draw character sketches of them in my mind, count how many ask for another, a third. I’m going to do this while I chat, and order fish and a naked green salad, and consume my light meal without a bottle of chilled Sav Blanc.

I will play Observer.

Not One Who Laments.


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